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Digimode happeningsPosted by Sean Gilbert Mon, August 30, 2010 08:43:52
I have just been going through the WSPR archives for my callsign, and have discovered that I have been heard by well over 500 stations - 500 is the limit for displaying entries, even though you can display entries going back as far as you like. I decided to display the maximum 500 entries but sorted by distance, showing the longest first. I was surprised to see that my little 5 watt signal has been heard by a total of 198 stations with a minimum distance of 4000km. 22 of these stations were over 10000km, with the furthest being 18934km (in fact 5 of those were over 18000km distant). Just yesterday I was being received on the west Coast of the USA whilst running 5w but, more amazingly, I was hearing that West Coast station who was running a mere 0.5w (over 15000km per watt!). I think he could have reduced by another 3dB and I would have still copied him, possibly even another 6dB

Here are the furthest stations that have heard my WSPR signals (notice the spread of frequencies):

Band Call QRA km

10.140174 ZL1JA RE66ir 18934

10.140278 ZL2CCO RE78lu 18767

10.140171 ZL2TLD RE79tb 18756

14.097082 ZL2RX RE68pr 18743

10.140165 ZL2IFB RF80hl 18613

14.097091 VK7ZL QE36mx 17438

10.140170 VK2DDI QF55hf 17057

10.140177 VK2/VK6DI QF55hf 17057

10.140232 VK2NR QF56kb 17001

14.097126 VK2KWY QF56gh 16960

10.140263 VK1UN QF22lf 16939

10.140231 VK2EVB QF69nr 16800

10.140147 VK4CMV QG63mh 16459

14.097096 VK6LD OF84px 14867

10.140164 VK6XT OF86td 14803

7.040075 VK6POP OF88bd 14549

14.097129 VK6BN OF88ac 14546

10.140262 VK6ZRY OF78wd 14532

10.140125 LU8WAG FE77lf 12203

18.106060 AH2DT QK23 12028

14.097077 LW1EXU GF15ac 11135

14.097111 CX2ABP GF15wc 11048

I am impressed by this, hopefully as more stations become active, the better picture of propagation we will get. There are usually around 70-90 stations active on 30m and 20m but more are needed, especially on the other bands. I try to operate on 40, 17 and 15m when conditions allow (and even 10m, but this is limited to Sporadic E at the moment so is not really useful for long distance propagation studies).

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