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Heard All Continents on 15m

DX heard/workedPosted by Sean Gilbert Wed, October 06, 2010 22:18:01
Interesting day today (6 Oct), found a few minutes to review what I had heard on the radio and discovered that I had heard all 6 continents (for radio purposes Antarctica doesn't count) on 15m PSK31 in just 40 minutes.

This is the PSK reporter log for the period (with other entries removed):

SA: LU4LA 15m PSK31 10740 kms 13:59:03

OC: YC1DML 15m PSK31 11896 kms 13:57:03

EU: UA6ASU 15m PSK31 2976 kms 13:55:19

AS: 5B4AIK 15m PSK31 3300 kms 13:55:01

AF: ZS2DK 15m PSK31 9917 kms 13:45:54

NA: AB3LH 15m PSK31 3499 miles 13:19:56

I have no idea why the last (NA) one shows up in miles!

Quite impressive considering everyone is bemoaning the lack of sunspots. I have found that 15m has been wide open to JA and South America most days.

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