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More changes to ROS QRG's

Digimode happeningsPosted by Sean Gilbert Tue, August 24, 2010 16:37:14

Well no sooner had I posted the set of frequencies that I found on the ROS site, did they go and change them, again! There have been at least 6 changes just in August (in fact there could well have been more I didn't check too closely earlier in the month as I was arguing with a reluctant laptop!)

So here are the latest offerings (Changes to the last list are marked in bold):

One thing I have noticed is the bandwidth has apparently reduced from 2250Hz down to 2000Hz/2kHz, which can only be a good thing.

ROS QRG's (Aug 2010)


136kHz MF

502kHz MF

1838kHz 2000Hz

3598kHz 2000Hz

7048kHz 500Hz - NEW

7055kHz 2000Hz

10144kHz 500Hz

10145kHz 500Hz - NEW

14078kHz 500Hz

14079kHz 500Hz - NEW (ex 14091kHz)

14103kHz 2000Hz

14112kHz 2000Hz

18111kHz 2000Hz

18114kHz 2000Hz - NEW

21110kHz 2000Hz

21114kHz 2000Hz - NEW

24931kHz 2000Hz

28295kHz 2000Hz

50295kHz 2000Hz

70074kHz 2000Hz - NEW

144160kHz EME

144980kHz 2000Hz

Here is a screen grab of the PSKReporter screen, seems I was heard in a few places when I ran my ROS beacon yesterday. I received a few email reports detailing my signal strength etc. in a few countries. Still enjoying playing about with the mode.

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