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This blog is an occasional 'diary' of my radio activity, what I have been up to, any interesting stations I have heard, experiments carried out and my thoughts on band conditions etc.

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Setting up the blog

Digimode happeningsPosted by Sean Gilbert Sat, July 31, 2010 19:32:49
I thought it about time I had a 'proper' blog! I have a couple knocking around on the internet somewhere but this is the first time I have set one up properly with a dedicated address and RSS feed subscription (sounds technical - It's not, it's just a way of keeping up to date and having a notification when I post something to my blog). So what has been happening digimode wise? Well ROS is still being developed and is still attracting just as much press (good and bad). It's an interesting mode but it can be rather frustrating to use, especially if you are in a QSO and someone starts sending on the same QRG as that effectively means QSO over!! There are a few niggles with it, such as not being able to key in a tx/rx switch into a macro, so you can remain in transmit mode until youre member to switch it back to receive. I have been busy with JT65 and WSPR, both have produced good results from my 5-10 watts. My signals have been reported on the West Coast USA, something that is rather pleasing to me. PSK has been busy, lots of stations active we just need beter conditions on the higher bands. It seems that the Sporadic E meter has run out of credit this month as there has not been much heard above 21MHz. Very pleased with the way the new OCF antenna is working (details on, particularly on 40 and 17m. 73 de G4UCJ ...-.-

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