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This blog is an occasional 'diary' of my radio activity, what I have been up to, any interesting stations I have heard, experiments carried out and my thoughts on band conditions etc.

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Today on JT65a

Digimode happeningsPosted by Sean Gilbert Mon, August 02, 2010 19:05:23
Quite an interesting day on 20m JT65. Best DX has been V31UB in Belize, and at -7dB was quite strong. Another good one was DS1DLS from Korea. I've heard him a few times now, ZS1LS from South Africa was also logged once again. The West Coast of the USA is coming in now (1845UTC) in the form of N6MZ from Washington State (which is in '7' land, rather than '6' - it gets confusing when USA stations move states and keep the same call!).

It's a pity there isn't more JT65 activity on bands other than 20m, it's a great mode even if it's pretty limited as far as QSO content goes. I quite often put out a call on 17m just in case!

I may well try 30 or 40m later on, so keep your ears open for G4UCJ :)

73, Sean

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