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This blog is an occasional 'diary' of my radio activity, what I have been up to, any interesting stations I have heard, experiments carried out and my thoughts on band conditions etc.

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Digimode happeningsPosted by Sean Gilbert Wed, August 04, 2010 15:41:02
Despite the poor conditions due to the CME, there is still some dx to be had on JT65. This afternoons haul on 20m includes JA6CRP (Japan, weak at -23dB but solid copy), 9H1BT (Malta, A new station for me on this mode), DS1DLS (Korea, also weak at -24dB, about the same time as yesterday) and a scattering of European and Eu Russian stations.

I have not seen a single signal from the USA so far today, which is unusual. It's 1430UTC so they should be audible by now as the whole of the USA is well into daylight, the exceptions being the Hawaiian islands and the far West tip of Alaska, both of which are in the greyline area but the lower 48 states and all of Canada are in broad daylight.

I am going to put out a few calls on JT65 and see where I am being heard (by checking the 'reverse beacon' page (, this allows you to filter results and you can see who is hearing you - there are usually a good selection of stations monitoring and it is a great way to see if a path exists between you and your desired area (providing of course there are monitors active there!).

It's stopped raining here and the background noise level has dropped. This is also helped by the fact that there are no other computers or TV's on here and the neighbours are out so electrically it is fairly quiet too.

Note to self: Next time you buy a TV make sure it does not have a plasma screen, boy do they radiate some rubbish. I wouldn't mind but it was a top of the range one by a well respected manufacturer!! Thus far I have not found a solution, other than to minimise it with the MFJ1026 as detailed on my website.

Better go and enjoy the quiet while it lasts, as I'm sure it will start raining again soon. smiley

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